Nutrition Clinic

One life to live. Welcome to experience the joy of living healthy, wealthy and happy with Bio-Logics Nutrition clinic. Free your family from 10 major life threatening health disorders & 72 Nutritional deficiencies and save Rs. 5-50 Lakhs of your family medical expenses.

We treat the following health disorders with scientifically proven nutrition diets.

Obesity Heart Attack Diabetes
High Cholesterol Blood Pressure Thyroid
Stroke Kidney Diseases Osteoporosis
Anaemia Gout (Uric Acid) Constipation
Acidity Liver Diseases Food Allergies
Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies Toxins Homocysteine

Salient features of Our Nutrition Diets

  • Protects from 10 Major life threatening Chronic diseases
  • Protects from 72 Nutritional deficiencies
  • Offers 10 times more benefit than normal diet
  • Prevents need for medicines & surgeries
  • Improves immunity against pollution, viral & bacterial infections
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • All vitamins and minerals are balanced through food
  • Manages food allergies & intolerance
  • Healthy weight loss & weight gain
  • Anti ageing diets make you look & feel younger with glowing skin
  • Prevents hair loss & Improves eye sight
  • Improves memory levels & mental alertness
  • Scientifically proven with international standards
  • No fasting & No starving
  • Tasty home food & delicious recipes
  • Easy to follow
  • Systematically planned & customised according to
    • Your health risks
    • Your nutritional requirements
    • Your Food allergy & Intolerance
    • Your food preference
    • Your lifestyle and convenience

Diagnosis & Treatment

We diagnose your health risks and their root causes very early and more accurately with our Health Risk Assessment & Diagnostic tools developed out of 45 years of R&D by considering the following parameters.

  • Physical Parameters
    • Body Fat Analysis (BFA)
    • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Agewise Nutritional Requirements
  • Pathological Parameters
    • Blood Sugar
    • Kidney Function
    • Thyroid Function
    • Cholesterols
    • Liver Function
    • Nutritional Deficiencies
    • Nutrition Toxins
  • LifeStyle & Food preference
  • Metabolic Factors & Family Health History
  • Symptom Analysis with more than 100 Symptoms