About Us

Bio-Logics Nutrition Clinic is a division of Bio-Logics Healthcare set up with an objective of treating millions of lives suffering with various chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

We are India’s Top multi-specialty Nutrition Clinic with proven track record of treating the highest number of chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies. Father of medicine Hippocrates stated “Let food be the medicine”. However we eliminate the need of medicine.

Our highly qualified nutritionists are India’s best clinical nutritionists with decades of experience in Nutrition therapies for a wide range of health disorders. Their in depth knowledge in Nutrition, Metabolism, Chronic diseases and Nutrition deficiencies put into practice has helped us to achieve the highest success rate and highest customer satisfaction.

Our Belief: "Strike Out HEALTH RISKS Before It Strikes You Hard"

Our Commitment: "We Ensure Your Health Is Insured"

Our Clientele

More than 8000 families have benefited with our services. Some of our elite clients include families of

  • Ministers
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Director General of Police
  • Dy. Governor of RBI
  • IAS & IPS officers
  • Ex-Chief Secretary of Maharashtra
  • Top executives from Corporates
  • Bollywood and TV celebrities