About Food & Nutrition

Today we are surrounded by more pollution, adulterated food, stress and sedentary life style. These invite many life threatening diseases and nutritional deficiencies which prevents us from living healthy.

Why Food is So Important?

Nobody can live without food. Our body needs various micro & macro nutrients which are supplied through food. The nutritional requirements keep changing at different stages of life. Micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals, trace elements are required in very little quantities (milligrams to micro grams). Nutritional deficiency causes nutrition deficient diseases and excess supply causes toxins in the body.

Many people, who appear to be in good health, continue to suffer nutritional deficiencies inside their body without even realising its impact on their daily life.

What Kind of Health Problems Can Be Treated With Food?

It is proven that food causes, controls and cures many life threatening diseases like Heart attack, Diabetes, Obesity, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Stroke / Sudden death, Cardiovascular disease, Aneamia, etc.

Stage How Nutrition Deficiency Affects
In Pregnant mother’s Affects child in foetus causing impaired physical and mental development of child.
In Children Affects their studies and physical activities.
In Adults Causes many chronic diseases and affects progress in career
In Elderly people As age increases, their health risk also increases many fold .

What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition therapy is nothing but modifying your food habits to match your nutritional requirements and to help you live healthy for a longer period.

What are the Myths & Facts About Dieting?

Myth : Dieting means eating less food / fasting or suppressing hunger or eating tasteless food without oil and salt etc.

Fact : You can eat tasty food with oil and salt. You don’t need to fast or eat less food. Many of our clients for weight loss eat more food than what they were eating earlier and still they lose 4-5 kgs per month.

Why Healthy Food is Preferred Over Medicine?

  • Your wrong food habits are the root cause of many health problems
  • Food is natural, simple and safe as compared to medicine
  • Medical science has proven that healthy food alone is more powerful than medicines with unhealthy food
  • Consuming medicines for a long time can prevent absorption of essential vitamins and cause harmful side effects
  • Food is inexpensive as compared to medicines and hospital expenses